Medieval Paper Weights For The Office

There are so many unique paper weights one can choose for there desk. Globes, statues, fancy pen stands, and unique suvineers are all great items people have used. There are a lot of people that decide to make their paper weights even more interesting by choosing some unique medieval items to hold their papers down. I wrote this article to tell you about a couple great medieval items you can buy today to use as paper weights. You’ll even learn of a great site to buy all your medieval items right from home.

Medieval paper weights are incredibly unique. You’ll find that there are not many people that collect medieval items, yet alone medieval items as paper weights. A medieval knife or piece of a medieval set of armor is sure to get people to take notice. People will remember their visits to your office.

If your even thinking of buying a medieval item as a paper weight, then read on. A medieval helmet makes an incredibly interesting paper weight to have on your desk. Just imagine your guests surprise and delight when they see a Greek helmet resting on top of some paper on your desk. You can also be sure that any paper laying underneath a medieval helmet will not be blown off of the desk.

Medieval knives also make fabulous medieval paper weights for the office. Patterns on these items are generally very intricate and unique to each piece. You can also use them to open letters. Just make sure you get one with a thin blade for this purpose. The only place I would caution using this item is if you are in a place of business that might construe this item as a weapon. Getting fired because of your paper weight is never a fun experience.

Armor Venue is a great place to get medieval items. This site along with a few other sites is my main source for unique medieval replicas. Bigger pieces can be purchased here as well as paper weight items.

I do realize that not everybody wants a medieval item in their office. This being said, if you like medieval items and you want one in your office, you really should go for it. Viewing this item all day is just fantastic. Be sure to step away from if from time to time so that it does not distract you.

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